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Clackamas County JBO Standings

Here is the link for each of the JBO teams to find their current county standings in each division. Once on the page click on the senior standings link and find the correct division for your team.

Clackamas County Junior Baseball Organization

The Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association (CCJBA) is the parent organization of approximately 24 independent youth baseball leagues located throughout Clackamas County, Marion County, and Washington County, Oregon. CCJBA is under the umbrella of Junior Baseball Organization Inc ("JBO"). JBO is independent of any of the popular nationwide baseball organizations such as "Little League", and governs eight separate organizations such as the CCJBA within Oregon. JBO generally plays by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules. There are several modifications at the various age group levels that impact rules governing length of base paths and the pitching distances. JBO is set up for players 9-14 years of age, with three distinct age groups, Midget, Junior and Senior. Within each age group, there is also three distinct skill levels, National, American and Federal. The highest title a team can win is "JBO Champion". There are no regional or national championships. Most member leagues also have their own independent "T-Ball" programs for the younger kids.