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Senior JBO Information

01/23/2015, 5:15pm PST
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Senior JBO Information

Senior JBO Information

Junior Baseball of Oregon, Inc., is independent of any of the traditional nationwide baseball organizations, and governs eight separate "Districts" within Oregon. The JBO organization generally plays by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules.There are several modifications at the various age group levels that impact rules governing length of base paths and the pitching distances. LOJBO is set up for players 13-14 years of age. There are also three distinct skill levels, National (recreational), American (more competitive), and Federal (very competitive).

The age of the players are generally determined by their age on July 31 of the year of the baseball season, though there are exceptions for older players who wish to participate with their school classmates.

Junior Baseball of Oregon, Inc., is an Oregon non-profit corporation that exists to provide young boys and girls an opportunity to participate in an organized baseball experience. It is the goal of Junior Baseball to provide each child, regardless of skill level, an opportunity to compete in baseball against other players of equal skill and age.

In JBO the field size grows as the kids grow so pitching does not dominate because of the mound distance.

Fields are bigger: 80' base paths and 55' pitching distance for National and; 90'/60'6" for American and Federal (regulation high school field)

Bats are bigger: up to 2-3/4" barrel

Games are longer: 7 innings

Cleats can be metal spikes

Leadoffs allowed


The primary difference is that JBO plays by amended high school rules, as opposed to most of the other youth league rules. Probably one of the most prominent rule differences is about base stealing. In the other traditional leagues, a player cannot steal a base on a pitched ball until the ball crosses home plate. In JBO, a player may take a lead off the base and steal at any time during the pitch. As the kids get older and more experienced, the "base stealing" rule makes for some very exciting baseball. The rule also teaches the kids smart base running techniques. They will need the techniques if they continue playing baseball as they get older. Possibly the best thing about Junior Baseball, is that when it comes to playoff time, a team goes as a unit. No "all-star" team is created.


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