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Home of Lake Oswego JBO

    The Registration "Home of Lake Oswego JBO" is not currently available.

    Registration Information

    Registration will will close 7/22/21.

    Each team will be limited to 12 players, (7th & 8th grade). 

    There are no tryouts. 

    Teams will be filled by those that register first.

    2021 Fall Baseball Information

    Game Dates:  August 29th – October 10th.

    Practice Dates: Tentatively scheduled for late July.

    Number of Games:  Six Games.  9 inning games or 2 ½ hours (whichever comes first).  The six games will be played over a 7-week schedule with each team having one bye.

    Game Days:  Tentatively on Sunday, some possible Saturday games

    Location:  Games will be played at Waluga or West Linn turf fields

    Registration Fee: $400

    14 U League Info:  Teams will include 13 and 14-year old players. Games will be played on a 90’ diamond. Pitching is from 60’6”. 

    Coaches:  All teams will have a paid head coach.